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"Hunsinger's woodwind playing recalls the Eastern-influenced post-bebop sound that
John Coltrane found on Live at the Village Vanguard, and the way she controls visual elements with
her instrument casts the artist as a snake charmer for the digital age."
Joe Nolan Nashville Scene October 5, 2012

Soundcrawl Festival presents conservatory-trained New Media artist Robbie Lynn Hunsinger in an evening of oboe, english horns, sax and bass with interactive multimedia. Hunsinger uses her laptop, the Xbox Kinect, Arduino and Wii Remotes to create provocative environments of sound and imagery. Audience collaboration is encouraged!

Wednesday October 10 at 7pm The Brick Factory (basement of Cummins Station)
209 10th Ave S Suite 126, Nashville, TN









footage from Ebenezer Creek will be featured in the last composition

Special Guests Missy Raines - 7x IBMA Bass Player of the Year and leader of the bluegrass/jazz/funk and soul band, The New Hip, and Roger Wiesmeyer, Nashville Symphony's English Horn Soloist, charter member of Alias and extraordinary pianist who just performed Brahms Op. 118 & 110 on StageIt.


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Robbie Lynn Hunsinger's career has included concerts in some of the most prestigious symphonic halls of the United States and Europe, performances at the Shanghai Children's Palace, the Chicago Jazz Festival and Chicago World Music Festivals, and residencies at the Marlboro Music Festival and the Atlantic Center for the Arts. As a classical oboist she has played with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, the Atlanta and Chicago Symphonies and was a featured soloist with the Chicago Symphony with whom she also won a Grammy for Bartok's "The Wooden Prince". Bridging into avant garde jazz, she performed with pioneers Evan Parker and Ken Vandermark and recorded “Trio” with Joseph Jarman and Tatsu Aoki, garnering a 4 star Downbeat Magazine review.

Hunsinger has collaborated on multimedia installations at ISEA and the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, and she created a large scale acoustic sound sculpture,“Prairie Drum” at Thomas Blackman Gallery in Chicago for which she was a featured panelist at SOFA. She is currently a New Media artist focusing on interactive multimedia installation and performance, a role which allows her to integrate her compositional and sound art esthetics with her photographs, video and sculpture, and through new layers of interactivity to break down art's fourth wall. She explores inventive and alternative methods for interacting with art and music through game controllers, code, sensors, projections, and other electronic, acoustic and kinetic materials.

Robbie getting some help with her Arduino composition
Robbie with her Arduino micro-controller at MTRAS
from the brilliant and nice folks at MIddle Tennessee Robotics Arts Society

Her evening at the SoundCrawl Festival 2012 will feature opportunities for audience participation along with several premieres: a duet for arduino and soprano sax, a composition for alto sax and vocoder, and a multimedia composition for two English Horns and Bass.This last piece is her third project in a multimedia series based on source material captured from a canoe in Ebenezer Creek, an eerie, historic black water swamp in Georgia.This will be Hunsinger's first composition for multiple player interactive multimedia and each player will independently control imagery in real-time.

She is honored to have two very special guests joining her for this concert: from the world of bluegrass, legendary IBMA bassist Missy Raines from Missy Raines and the New Hip, and Nashville Symphony's English Horn player, Roger Wiesmeyer.